robzvegan.uk is a personal site by me, Rob 😉

It’s just a place online for me to dump ideas, share and curate articles and write about things I find interesting – I find a lot of things interesting!

Some of the subject areas I am drawn to are:

ethics & morals; ecology & sustainability; art & design; health & nutrition; science & technology; words & language; sound & music; humour & quirkiness

So who am I? Hmm, that’s always such a hard question to answer, and often depends on who is asking.

Some of the ways I describe myself are:

Ethical Vegan – this is probably my most defining core value , and underlies almost everything I do. I have been vegan since 1980, and celebrate my veganniversary on 1st December.

Antithiest Athiest

Enviromentalist – for me this means being vegan, child-free and anti-natalist, car-free and anti-road expansion, anti-air travel expansion,  for re-wilding the environment.

Neo Anarchist Libertarian– this is just a term I made up – I’m not sure there is a particular doctrine out there yet that adequately describes my political leanings. In this area I’m influenced by the “The Accidental AnarchistCarne Ross. I’m still trying to pin-down my thoughts in this area, but some of the aspects I think we should be working towards are smaller, local, people-scale governments, closer to the people rather than the large scale corporate led and market capitalist states we currently have.

I’m sure there is enough there to upset many people 😉

I studied physics (badly) but maintain an interest in it, especially some of the recent theories in quantum physics. I also hold a MSc in Computer Science, which has enabled me to hold a senior technical position at a large financial institution, one of the kinds often described at the “engine of capitalism”, which is rather ironic given how I describer myself above – what can I say, I fell in with the wrong crowd!

Overall,I don’t take myself too seriously, and neither should you 😉

Why robzvegan? In the 90’s at university when I was socialising a lot, I used to often be offered non-vegan food and drink by people who did not know I was vegan. I don’t really like fuss and attention, so I would just quietly and politely refuse such offers. But my friends, all of whom were non-vegan, and maybe thought it was fun or eccentric to know a vegan, a rare thing in those days, would often speak up more vocally on my behalf and say things like “Rob can’t have that, because Rob’s vegan”. Robzvegan is the contracted form of “Rob’s vegan”.


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